Having been tagged by Sara Hantz for this meme as ‘someone who might respond’, I feel duty bound to participate. Read on…

Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single)
Ben Stiller
Luke Wilson

I Am Wearing Right Now
Pajama Pants

Two Things I Would Want in a Relationship

Two of My Favorite Things to do
Having lunch with friends

Two Things I Want Very Badly At the Moment
To be finished with my book
To get this one sold!

Two things I did recently
Finished reading an ARC (I’m writing the review today)
Tried to teach a 2-year-old not to knock down everything in his path

Two things I ate today (I’ll do yesterday because I haven’t eaten anything yet today)
Leftover Gyro
Peppermint Bark

Two people I most recently talked to
My husband
My two sons

Two things I’m doing tomorrow
‘Brunching with Santa’
Going ‘behind the scenes’ once again to see and feed white tigers

2 longest car rides
Houston to Charleston, S.C.
St. Paul, MN to Tucson

Two Favorite Holidays (I assume this means where I spent them…?)
Denver, the year my husband proposed
Houston (that covers a lot of ground)

Two Favorite Beverages
Hot chocolate
RC Cola

Two Things about me, things you may not have known
I’m a little claustrophobic
Cats freak me out a little

Two places I have lived
Columbus, Ohio
St. Paul, Minnesota

Two of my Favorite Foods
Fettucini Alfredo

Two Places I’d rather be right now
Lying in bed reading a book
Traipsing along a Carribean beach

4 people I think will respond
Lucy (I purposely didn’t link you!)

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  1. White tigers? How cool! How did you swing that?

  2. It would have been okay if you linked me (you have before 😉 ).

    And I’m looking forward to reading your review. :-)

  3. The tiger thing is really cool. I’ll put mine up this weekend. :)

  4. Feeding white tigers? Has this been mentioned before?! Fabulous! I saw little lion cubs at MGM in Vegas and they were the cutest things ever! Of course how I got to that thought in my stream of consciousness remains to be seen…

    Oh! I figured you’d be feeding tiger cubs since the fully grown ones would be a bit less tame. So it reminded me of lion cubs. Okay, I feel better now. :)

  5. Peppermint bark is one of my favorites!

  6. I will take this . . . tomorrow. I’m so lazy!

    You lived in Columbus, huh?

  7. You’re a better person than I for responding. I’ve refused two tags! Oops.

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