Santa Debunked?

We are having Christmas issues at our house. First of all my children seem to think that it’s somehow legitimate to ask what their gifts are. Facing a wrapped gift, they can’t stop themselves from begging to be told what’s inside just one gift. I tried to explain the problems with that picture to my five-year-old, and his response was, “I can’t help it–I’m a curious man.” Apparently they grow up even quicker than I thought.

He also, all of a sudden, doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. Evidently a third-grader at his school–a boy he doesn’t even know–told him that there is no Santa Claus, that he’s caught his own parents on film for the past several years, stuffing his stocking. So Santa is now a myth in my son’s mind, and so far, there’s been no convincing him otherwise. Even my seven-year-old believes and keeps telling him that if he doesn’t stop with the Santa-bashing (and blatant disbelief), he’s not going to get any gifts. So his investigative plan is to check his stocking Christmas morning. If he received any gifts (ostensibly from Santa), he’ll know there is no Santa. But if he doesn’t get any gifts, he’ll know there is. Interesting, isn’t it? I’m not exactly sure how this is all going to play out.

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  1. liz fenwick

    Kids – who’d have ’em! We had a problem with the Easter bunny when the my eldest was about 6. He asked and I foolishly thought one mustn’t lie – so I told him I was the Easter Bunny. He then told his 4 year old brother who asked how I got around to everyone’s houses? However the Easter Bunny didn’t come that Easter because they didn’t believe. I had no problem with Santa. The eldest now a strapping lad of 15 writes his list faithfully every year.

    BTW when he did ask I explained that Santa was the spirit of Christmas who lives on in all of us…..he probably thought all parents were posessed by Santa ala the exorists or something…..who knows what goes on the in the minds of children :-)

  2. Amanda Ashby

    I’ve got a 5 and a 7 year old as well, however they’re sticking with santa for now because I think they figure they’ll get more presents. Every now and then the 5 year old tries to work out the logistics of how santa gets around, but then his head starts to hurt (phew!!!!!) and starts watching Sponge Bob again!!!

  3. My 7 year old (and youngest) wants to make the leap to no Santa. But she just can’t seem to do it. And I’m not helping her….because she’s my last little believer.

  4. Wait…what? There’s no Santa?????

    And Liz is the Easter Bunny?

    I’m so confused.

    (Let us know how it plays out.)

  5. Christine d'Abo

    My 8 years old sort of believes in Santa, but I think it’s more out of fear she won’t get any presents than anything else. My 6 year old is still good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she came home one day and told me Santa wasn’t real.

    Kids seem to be…meaner that way these days. I think it sucks. :(

  6. Erica Ridley

    Wow! That’s an interesting conundrum. I suppose you’ll have to leave him a blank stocking? Perhaps a block of coal?

  7. wow that’s a tough one

    my brothers & I always guessed what our presents were, so my mom stopped putting our names on them, instead she came up with a code name for each of us, & guessing which one was ours was part of the fun. This is our first year without codes, the youngest is 22, I already know what my presents are 😛

  8. What a funny boy you have! Sounds like a seriously cute kid.

  9. Catherine Avril Morris

    Oh, wow! So…is his stocking going to be stuffed or empty on Christmas morning? This is a real conundrum, huh?

  10. That’s so sad! I think that kids stop believing when they’re emotionally at that age and there’s no reversing it but it is still a melancholy milestone.

  11. Wow, I’m not sure what I would do if I was you. I mean, putting coal in his stocking would be the smart but then as a mom that’s kinda hard to do.

    My kids believed when they were young, however SC only brought one toy to my house. I figured there was no reason for him to get all the credit each year for the presents. Weird? Maybe.

    My son had no problem when he found out. My daughter on the other hand was mad. She felt like she had been the only one to not know the truth and that it made her look dumb.

    Let us know what you decide to do and what your sons says about it. :)

  12. Tough one. Kids are just too clever for me sometimes. How about splitting the difference? Don’t put any presents under the tree or in the stocking. Instead, have a neighbor leave them at the front door on Christmas day, ring the bell and run!

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