Nada Mas

I’m no one to be trifled with–that’s all you’ll ever need know.

So no more memes…
Okay, just kidding (even though technically the above is true). My husband is watching The Princess Bride, and it’s just past the ‘Battle of Wits’. I will never get tired of watchng that movie. Ahh…but I must blog…

Not much of interest occurred today (and no writing, but it was errand day). But, there were two marginally interesting moments:

1. I was passed by a woman driving in a jeep with the bumper stickers, ‘Legalize Polygamy’ and ‘Bi Girls Rule’. Very interesting, I think. Ponderous, incredulous thought ensued.

2. I was listening to K.T.Tunstall in the car and had just parked at the library and heard ‘You see a penny in the street…’ when I opened the door and saw a penny sitting in the parking space next to me. I sung the part of the song that had gotten cut off, ‘Pickin’ it up is easy.’ And I picked it up–a lucky penny the week before Christmas. Perfect!

Also interesting is the fact that last weekend we were near record highs here (at about 84 degrees), and this weekend, we were near record low (33 degrees). Quite the swing. And then we’re back up to mid-seventies later in the week.

Tomorrow I’m going to M.D.O. for the Christmas party. I’m not working, and I don’t have to go, but I’ve been invited, and I love a little bit of Christmas cheer. Plus, I want to see for myself what really goes on at M.D.O. on Tuesdays. Is it as bad as they say (last Thursday was fine, by the way), or is it all drama and hype? I confess, I’m letting curiosity get the best of me… I will report back.

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  1. Oh I love The Princess Bride!

    By the way, were your ears burning today because I was talking about you and showing the picture I have of you on my cell phone. 😉

  2. Do you know that I saw the Princess Bride for the first time this year? True!
    What’s MDO?

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    I can only assume, Lucy, that you were telling LIES! 😉

    Beck, sorry, MDO is Mother’s Day Out. What did you think of Princess Bride?

  4. I, too, want to know about Tuesday at MDO. :)

    And may the penny bring you loads of good luck!

  5. Catherine Avril Morris

    Here’s my ponderous/incredulous thought on those bumper stickers: Where do you even buy pro-polygamy and pro-bisexuality bumper stickers?? I never would’ve thought those were even available! There truly is something out there for everyone! :)

  6. Do you hate the Texas Weather Fluctuations as much as I do?! Or am I alone in my loathing? :)

  7. Christine d'Abo

    I love The Princess Bride!! There are so many wonderful quotes from that movie, I can’t get enough of it.

  8. Well Alyssa, I was telling someone how nice and sweet you were. Then I whipped out a copy of your book and showed them the autograph (because I’m reading it now and really liking it – seriously, no lying necessary). THEN I whipped out the picture on the cell phone so he (yes HIM) could put it all together.

    So, was I lying? Unless there’s something you want to tell me, I don’t think so. :-)

  9. Alyssa Goodnight

    Okay, then, Lucy. As you were. 😉 But delete that picture ASAP–no one needs to see that! Unless they’re a gawking, gushing fan.

  10. I’m about due for a Princess Bride viewing…

    And you’re right, the Legalize Polygamy and Bi Girls Rule make for a very interesting, logistical conundrum. A perfect way to fill my head while at work the week before Christmas :-)

  11. Ooooh Have you read the Princess Bride? It’s a great book too. The book and movie are written by the same fellow.

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