I made it through that last Thanksgiving meal, my kindergartener in paperbag vest (there you go, Stephanie!) and Indian headband. He ate fruit, crackers, and cheese. One mother decided to go all out and bring stuffing and cooked spinach (probably because her daughter is a vegetarian). She was the only one who ate that drippy, dark green mess–and only one other brave child tried the stuffing. My son didn’t even try the miniscule sliver of pumpkin pie. And now, Thankgiving is but a day away, and we can’t decide what the main course should be.

My sister doesn’t much want to do a turkey, her husband wants to deep fry a turkey, I say we don’t have to do meat at all if nobody wants it…but we’re getting down to the wire here. We have to make a decision soon. That is, unless we want to go with my brother-in-law’s other suggestion and go out to eat. I can’t even really imagine that–I’ve never eaten Thanksgiving dinner any place other than in a family member’s home. It will definitely be weird if we end up doing that.

My sister is currently reading the first portion of my WIP, and she’s being very closed mouthed. I can’t tell what she’s thinking. She edited my first book, so this time around I told her not to nit-pick, just to give me overall impressions. We shall see… I’m not sure when though, because she also told me not to bug her about it or reading it will become a chore. She’s a bit of tough cookie.

So far I’ve spent this week creating a vignette for my sister’s new website…she’s up on Etsy here, but her website is still a work-in-progress, and listening to my four-year-old niece. We watched the Sound of Music, and she pretended she was Gretel (the youngest von Trapp), and with her father, acted out the ‘So Long, Fair Well’ song, including being carried off to bed. She told me during the movie, ‘This is like a preview of my life.’ She’s a riot.

I’ll post again with the results of our Thanksgiving feast–Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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  1. When we lived overseas we would go out for Thanksgiving. There was this restaurant in Brussels that would do the traditional dinner and it would be packed with ex-pat Americans. It was like one huge family. Everyone would be asking “where in the States are you from?” The best part? No dishwashing!

  2. liz fenwick

    This the first year in a while that I won’t be doing Thanksgiving :-( Enjoy it for me :-)

  3. Haha! So happy to hear that kids still do the paper vests!

    Have you ever done ham on Thanksgiving? We’ve sometimes had it as another option of meat. I know how you feel about going out for T-day, I can’t imagine! If you do head out, you’ll have to tell us what it’s like! 😉

  4. Have a wonderfully fun and festive Thanksgiving! :) I’ve been so behind in my blog reading (and writing). Sigh.

  5. Sally Lawton

    Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    I loved the bit about the Sound of Music, utterly brilliant!


  6. One year it worked out that it was just going to be me and my parents for Thanksgiving so my mother didn’t feel like cooking all day for three people. So, we went to Cracker Barrel. They both ordered the turkey dinner…I had meatloaf.

    Oh, and my mother used to make both ham and turkey for Thanksgiving (I always had ham…I’m not a big turkey eater, if you haven’t picked up on it).

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)

  7. Ava Rose Johnson

    Happy Thanksgiving Alyssa!

  8. A tofu turkey!

  9. Kate Diamond

    Tofu Turkey = Tofurkey. Right?

    And I am also happy about the paper vests!

    Now, off to snack on leftover stuffing and yams…

  10. Travis Erwin

    Hope you got to eat some Turkey and didn’t have to settle for a vegetarian Thanksgiving. The mere thought makes me shudder.

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