Giving thanks…the week is almost over

Today was the 2nd in a series of three Thanksgiving feasts I have scheduled for this week. Yesterday I visited my son’s school, and sat with my little one as he ate the packed lunch I sent from home (from 10:34-11:04), and then my older son as he ate the school’s Thanksgiving dinner of chicken nuggets and pumpkin pie (from 11:34-12:04)…turkey was available.

Today, I worked and watched as the two year olds were presented with their plates and a medley of unfamiliar foods brought in by their friends. Some ate only the ham, some only the Goldfish crackers, and some loved the jelly sandwiches–we couldn’t do peanut butter because one little boy is allergic. One kid actually asked what the little orange sticks were–evidently she’s never seen carrots before. Everyone, however, loved the sugar cookies one mom brought in, frosted in green with a bright red and white peppermint decoration. They all had rosy pink fingers, mouths and noses after that–little Rudolphs a month and a half before Christmas! And then half of them (likely hopped up on the frosting) didn’t want to nap, so it was like a big slumber party of two year olds. A couple were even talking about their painted toenails! Ugh! I’m exhausted today and fighting a headache.

Tomorrow is meal number three. My kindergartener’s class is making pilgrim and Indian hats to wear to their Thanksgiving feast. My son is in charge of the ranch dressing to be used for carrot dipping. Hard to believe that first Thanksgiving could have been without the ranch. My son has already informed me he won’t be eating the turkey. I think he’s looking forward to the popcorn and pumpkin pie.

After this week, the big meal–the real deal next week should actually be relaxing. At least I hope so…

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  1. I admire your ability to make it through all of that! How tiring! Cute to hear about, tho. I wonder, do kids make Indian vests anymore? We used to take paperbags, cut them up, and decorate them like vests but now that most grocery stores utilize plastic bags…hmm… That would be sad if kids didn’t make them! They were so fun.

  2. You’re a patient woman.
    The Girl ALWAYS had scarlet toenails as a toddler – the only way I could trim her little talos would be to offer her a pedicure at the same time.

  3. TALONS. Not “talos.”

  4. You’re making me hungry. :)

  5. Ladytink_534

    In my high school was an early childhood education program where the students were the teachers three days a week for preschoolers. Just about every day I went home with a headache!

    …Although actually sometimes it was the other “teachers” who gave them to me.

  6. This makes me want to serve goldfish crackers on Thursday it would probably be much more popular than some of the usuals. Hope your survived the third Thanksgiving

  7. Wow all this celebrating…I wish we had Thanksgiving!!

  8. So Thanksgiving will seem anti-climactic when it does arrive?

  9. Awww…there’s nothing like hyped up kids during nap time. 😀 Really, these are wonderful memories you’ll have to look back on once they are grown and on their own. Black mail…hmmmm…there is always that as they grow olders. j/k

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  10. Toni Lea Andrews

    My brother (who lives with me) announced yesterday we are having dinner at my house and he has invited various relatives. He didn’t get that a Thanksgiving dinner might actually involve some logistics and that I might actually need a little notice (he does NOT cook) to pull it off.

    I think he gets it now.

  11. Kate Diamond

    Wow. Three Thanksgivings. And the “real” one is still two days away. Hope you’re surviving your holiday stress!

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