Bad News

I spent the morning at the doctor’s office with the little one, discovering that his arm is broken. He fell out of a hammock over Thanksgiving week and his brother landed on top of him. He complained and cried for a little bit, but we assumed it was just bruised and tried to be careful of it. But finally, I decided to make an appointment.

My son was it tip-top spirits through it all–even through the discovery of the break–until it was time to don the Ace bandage, wrapped around his chest and arm and the teeny, tiny little sling. Then he bawled, and it was so pitiful. He had all these ideas in his head that he’d suddenly become some sort of outcast, and that people wouldn’t like him, wouldn’t talk to him, would make fun of him.

Of course it didn’t help that when I walked him into class they all swarmed around him. But it was actually sweet. They were all clearly concerned about him (and of course curious). Hopefully it goes well. He’s supposed to keep the arm at a ninety-degree angle across his chest, but before I dropped him off, he was constantly using the arm in a sling as sort of handhold, thereby pulling it down.

Ugh. I dread tonight…

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  1. By the end of the day he will be the class hero. :)

    I’m so sorry that he had to go through the pain of it though. It’s so scary to have that happen.

    If he has a favorite stuffed animal you might want to wrap a mini sling around one of its arms for him. :)

  2. Catherine Avril Morris

    …Ow!! Oh my gosh! Your poor little one! I hope he’s OK. What a little trooper.

    That’s funny, though, how different kids view accidents like that differently. When I was little I wanted so badly to break an arm or a leg, so I could have a cast and everyone could sign it. I finally did break a shoulder at 13, but you don’t get a cast for that, just a sling–maybe sorta like your little one has. So no cast signing. :(

    I also wanted braces really bad…I guess you always just want what you don’t have… :)

  3. Oh! Poor guy. I remember breaking my ankle in like 2nd grade. My class wrote me Get Well letters while I was out…I think my Mom still has them stashed somewhere! :)

    Glad you guys caught it though!

  4. Awww… {{{{hugs}}}} That happened to our youngest when he was two–the day before we moved. It was two days before we realized it was actually broken. He loved his cast, though–called it his robot arm.

  5. Aw poor little blighter. I broke my arm roller skating as a kid and I told my my I broke it. She didn’t believe me so it was several days before we got it checked out. Then I had fun torturing her in that way 8 year olds have “I TOLD my mom it was broken” then I would sigh like I was very mistreated at home.

  6. Amanda Ashby

    Ouch, poor little fellow. That must’ve been so horrible for you all. Hope he doesn’t find it too annoying!

  7. Poor guy! My daughter sat around for a whole DAY last winter with a greenstick fracture, so I know what you’re feeling!

  8. When I was a kid, whoever had a cast was instantly cool, hope he’s feeling better

  9. Star Lawrence

    Same deal–kid on a bike knocked over my 4-yr-old. Her leg hurt, she said a few times that evening, but her abrasions were more horrible. We had no health insurance then (writer, you know). He dad was former special forces, lot of first aid, didn’t think it was broken, yada yada. It was. When we realized she had not walk all evening–asked to be carried to the john, etc., we took her to the doc the next morning. Years later, I heard her say, “I had a broken leg for a whole week and my parents didn’t take me to the doctor.” It was overnight! Sheesh. Kids. She is now 25 and remembers all this vividly–including the week part.

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