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I’ve noticed a marked decrease in my posts about books. I’ve also noted a marked decrease in my reading time, and my sleuthing skills hint that these two situations might possibly be related. I’ve now reached the point in Mansfield Park where I believe I stopped last time. This time I’m going for it. I’m definitely enjoying it, it’s just difficult to squeeze in a few minutes of reading time here and there when the paragraphs span an entire page and the sentences are such that I lose track in the middle unless I approach them with studied concentration.

I already have big plans for my post-Mansfield Park reading. Next up on my list is Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman. First of all, I can’t believe I missed this book the first time around–it was published in hardback in Feb. 2006, and I’m not sure how I came upon it this time around. The story of a couple of teens, avid Jane Austen fans, in love with the same boy, it promises to be exactly my cup of tea. Plus, it got a stellar endorsement from Stephenie Meyer and a starred review from Booklist.

I’d originally requested it from the library, and then waited, rather impatiently, for the previous patron to return it over a week late. By then I’d decided it’d probably end up being a keeper and so ordered from Amazon. I expected to get it last week, but they split my order and Enthusiasm, of course, shipped late. I still don’t have it in my hot little hands, and let me tell you, the anticipation is BUILDING!

Reviews to follow…

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  1. Sounds like a good one to me! Thanks for the heads up (I missed it the first time around too!)

  2. Sally Lawton

    oh, it sounds great, I’ll definitely look out for it and give it a try :-)

  3. I don’t have the patience to order things from the library. Which would explain why I spend so much money at Barnes and Noble.

  4. I LOVE book reviews! And my library. And B&N.

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