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I admit, I’ve been sort of lazy with my blog posts lately. Paradoxically, I’m really busy, and yet nothing of interest seems to be happening to me. I’d love to run into a kooky character or two, but mostly my time is my own, and I spend it working around the house, shopping (for necessities, of course), and writing.

The writing is actually going pretty well–or seems to be. I think I’m kind of on a roll now and am really going to try to start working with actual mini-goals. My long-term goal is to finish (or nearly finish) by Christmas (or by the end of the year), but I think smaller, more compartmentalized goals will keep me motivated. Today for instance, I told myself I couldn’t eat lunch until I finished the chapter I was working on. Normally I’d just get up when my stomach growling got too disruptive to the writing, but today I stayed in the chair and finished it up. And then I came back from lunch and started up on the next chapter. Woo-hoo!

I’m going to go on record here and say that I’d like to have this next chapter tied up my Monday night. (This one needs a little more work, and with all the boys home for the weekend, my concentration is pretty iffy). So I will report back on Monday.

One interesting note about my critique partner… I keep sending her chapters, and she keeps making notes that my heroine shouldn’t do this or that, because it’s not believable. I find this rather curious given that a lot of my character quirks are my own. So basically…I act like this…believe it. She and I laugh about it–well, as much as you can laugh together via email–but she still tries to tone down the unrelatable behavior. When this book finally comes out (either traditionally or via my own press), I may have to post a Truth or Fiction Test for my blogging buddies. How well do you know me??

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kate Diamond

    I seem to be very busy, but none of it involves writing! Tonight I was too exhausted to write. So I cleaned my desk of the piles of crud that have been gathering (and distracting) me. Tomorrow I’ll get up and celebrate my whole clean-slate feeling by writing.

  2. Compartmentalized goals are usually best. I’m speaking from tried-and-true laziness here! :) Are you watching this season’s DWTS?!

  3. You know what they say about truth being stranger than fiction….. I’ve sometimes had my characters do things I would do and it not seem believable to others!

  4. Rhian / Crowwoman

    i think the entire blogging world has taken a mini hiatus, which make me feel a whole lot better about being a bad blogger caught in real-world dramas.
    good luck with the writing!

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    Kate, a clean desk is veerrry motivating.

    Virginia, I watched the first episode (and loved it) and then my husband stopped recording them for me, but tomorrow, I vow to have it on!

  6. liz fenwick

    Great news on the writing… :-)

  7. Steve Malley

    Re: Your crit partner:

    My beta reader (the Tiny Dynamo) sometimes complains about ‘unrealistic’ actions. They’re *always* the stuff I stole from the news!

    Run it past another set of eyes. Tied score goes to you, but if both agree the action is unrealistic, you may need to edit…

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