I’m It!

I’ve been tagged by Susan and a couple of weeks ago by Vicki (sorry I’m just getting to it now!) to write eight little tidbits about myself. I’ve done five before, so I’m gonna try to come up with new material this time around. Then, after all that, I tag eight more people. Really? Eight? (Yikes!)

So eight quirky, unusual, completely random things about me:
1. I much prefer to deal in email than over the phone or in person.
2. A clothing purchase must first pass the two-finger touchy-feely test.
3. I’ve recently discovered that my favorite color is red, which doesn’t mesh at all with my personality.
4. I was born on an army base in Arizona.
5. I love Cary Grant and Hitchcock movies.
6. I’ve discovered a fondness for dark chocolate–until recently, we’ve never been more than casual acquaintances.
7. This blog is my outlet.
8. I wear glasses most of the time but will never even consider contacts.

My taggees (and keep in mind, I’m graciously not tagging you if I’ve already read your list):
Stacy (not sure if you’ve done it or not…)

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  1. Dark chocolate is a thing of beauty. Once you dark there is no return. Wait, that isn’t true- you’ll still eat the milk chocolate because after all- it’s CHOCOLATE, but as you eat it you’ll talk in snotty terms about how dark is better.

  2. liz fenwick

    Oh, I agree with so many of those except the contacts although now that I have passed the magi 40, my eyes and my computer have let me down big time….so I have varifoals (God, thank makes me sound so old) so contacts are wore only when I’m not on the ‘puter which isn’t much these days!!

    Thanks for the tag :-)

  3. Cary Grant + Alfred Hitchcok = Movie perfection.
    And clothing must pass the touch test with me. Certain textures are forbidden.

  4. susanhatler

    I’m with you on the email over the phone. It’s just so convenient. Plus, I can end up on the phone for an hour easy.

  5. Yummy Dark Chocolate!! Gotta love it. :)

  6. North by Northwest = cinematic perfection. Though I must admit that Rear Window is my all-time favorite. Ah, that Grace Kelly and her iconic style… sigh.

  7. I’m actually nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate at the moment! :) I accept your tag! Of course, everything about me is weird… :)

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