Virtually nothing new today. My husband drove to Austin with his immediate family to go to a cousin’s funeral. My sister-in-law had flown in for the occasion. I saw her for a minute this morning when I drove down to pick up my in-laws’ dog and then for about forty-five minutes in the evening when they drove down to pick the dog up. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it would be, just casual, minimal chit-chat.

Anyone familiar with my recent sister-in-law saga will find this amusing I think:

We got Chinese food for dinner, and afterwards we broke into the fortune cookies. After reading her own aloud (I don’t remember what it said), my MIL insisted that my SIL read hers. It said:

Someone who cares about you is interested in a reconciliation.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! No one said anything–and I was totally thinking my MIL would insist that that someone was me and that the two of us (the SIL and I) should hug. But the moment passed. Later I told my husband, who hadn’t been in the room, and we both laughed uproariously. Talk about your funny coincidences. Hee hee hee.

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  1. Kate Diamond

    Doesn’t your MIL know about the old habit of tacking “in bed” onto the end of your fortunes? Hmmm…

    I followed the link to your saga. That’s ridiculous, and exactly the sort of thing I’d never be able to tolerate. Which may be why I’ve never been on a vacation with my own SIL…

  2. Very poignent! She sounds like an extremely spoiled brat who needs to be put in her place. Mine is similiar but goes even further and not so much because she was spoiled. We also have a lake house and I always work my fingers to the bone while she and her family get drunk and play and leave early. But the worse was her mother was diagnosed with cancer. We immediately put things in motion and got her into MD Anderson in Houston. SIL through a fit because we just wanted to take her mother away from her. Pause…. now she’s really gone from her since the non-treatment she got in Dallas took her life. I don’t get selfish people.

  3. Kate – LOL I was thinking the same thing. 😀

    Alyssa – At least it didn’t turn into drama which with your SIL we know it can.

  4. My nearly sister-in-law (my brother-in-law’s girlfriend) has taken a bizarre dislike to me and spent all of Thanksgiving not talking to me FOR REASONS I DO NOT KNOW. Disconcerting!

  5. Kate Diamond

    I think my SIL isn’t exactly my fiance’s biggest fan. Perhaps because we Live Together In Sin and this is so not in keeping with her belief system.

    Makes family gatherings awkward. And I have my nephews’ birthday party today. Good times!

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