Thursday Thrills

I think I might have to start easing out of my comfort zone to finish my WIP this year. Today, for the second day this week, I was roped into substituting again. So pretty much the whole day of potential writing was shot. This has the potential to happen every Tues/Thurs…unless I somehow unvolunteer myself. That would not be good (the loss of writing time, that is). But for now, I guess, I’m okay with it. These kids are so sweet and I’m just trying to help ease their transition into Mother’s Day Out. So I’m going to see how it goes. If I have to back out and have her put my name on the bottom of the list instead of the top, then I will. She’s admitted to calling me first.

Until then, I think I may have to start writing at night. I stay up later than my husband already, and I figure I could work in a couple of good hours every night (or several nights a week) before I go to bed. I’ve done this before–I just didn’t have a regimen. Now I think I need a regimen. I was all hyped up about making time for writing, but so far, it’s not working out as I expected. This week I lost two days to substituting and one day to a Girls Day Out. I’m down to Friday–one measly day. And I’m definitely not finishing this book on one measly day a week. So starting tonight, I’m going to be a night owl. We shall see.

Sidenotes: My little friend of the vagina revelation today told me that her daddy has a freckle on his ‘bootie’. I think these parents of hers need to be introduced to the concept of TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Oh, and my kindergartener’s homework was to choose a type of tree to represent our family and then decorate it and label it with each of our names. Here’s what he came up with…

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  1. I love the tree!! That’s so cool.

    As long as you’re getting your writing in then helping at the school is great. If it gets to hard then maybe you could do it one day a week instead of two.

    Wait…I remember my kids at that age. It would be very hard for me to say no. I so enjoyed being with them and doing things with the school.

    You’ll work it out and if you need it I’m here to gently push you along.:)

  2. Christine d'Abo

    Oh the tree is so sweet! I would love it if my kids came up with something like that.

    And it sounds like a hard choice for you in a way. I love working with the kids, but your writing time is important too. I hope it works out so you can do both.

  3. Hee…that tree is fabulous. I think my family would be a pine tree of some sort…year round love :)

  4. Of course, I love the kiwi!!

  5. Kiwi Tree! I love it! And the stuff I hear at work about parents from their kids would kill them. lol

  6. Aw! I love the kiwi tree idea! :) Very sweet. And yes, the concept of TMI needs to be introduced…although it is kind of funny! :)

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