Ready for Autumn

Okay I’m ready, but with 95 degree, sunny days, it still feels like summer in full swing. Except the days are slowly getting shorter, it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings (when I’m not outside), and the light is changing. I have a skylight in my kitchen, right about my white, laminate-topped kitchen counter. When we first moved in, I had to wear sunglasses it was so bright, but then my husband and father climbed up on the roof and covered it with a black solar screen–it’s still surprisingly bright glancing off the white island in the summer, but in the fall and winter months, the light in there is lovely. I actually notice it, stare and sigh. We haven’t quite reached the changeover point yet, but it’s coming.

My husband had to work this weekend, or I would have had him get our Halloween decorations down from the attic. If it would just get a little cooler here, we could really get into the Halloween spirit. So far we have one Transformer-wanna-be and one undecided.

After drooling over Beck’s blogs, I did manage to bake up a chicken pie this weekend and a loaf of pumpkin bread–both were very yummy, but the pumpkin bread made the house smell amazing. I think I’ll make a couple of loaves of banana bread this weekend from my Grandmother’s family recipe–seriously, it’s the best. And I’m making crockpot beef roast for dinner this week. All very cozy comfort food. Now if it would just drop 20 degrees, I’d be good.

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  1. It’s cold here, so you can just mail me your banana bread and I’ll eat them.
    Chicken pie, yum.

  2. your weekend sounds like one from a lovely home magazine. nice!

  3. Christine d'Abo

    It’s starting to get really cool here in the morning and at night. We might actually have to turn the heat on soon. Time to start making soup!

  4. Sally Lawton

    Sounds beautiful! Wish it was hot here!
    I also wish we made more of Halloween in the UK. I bought loads of sweets for the trick and treaters last year, and not one person knocked on the door… so I just had to eat them all myself!

  5. The weather here is changing ever so slightly. The early morning when I’m outside having coffee it’s a bit cooler. When the sun hits in full force, however, it’s still hot as all.

    I’m so looking forward to the cooler weather and all that goes with it.

    Oh, the bread sounds yummy!!!

  6. autumn food – yum! we’re doing the spring stuff here – equally yum!

  7. Aw, man…cooler weather isn’t something we’ll see around here until late December…if even. I have a really good recipe for banana bread, too! It’s probably the one baked good I make that I actually brag about! :)

  8. Seriously, is it time to decorate for Halloween already? Ever since I moved south, I’m holiday-challenged.

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