Night Scares

I had the WORST night, sleeping-wise. I didn’t fall asleep until sometime just after twelve–probably all that bedrest on Sunday catching up with me–but then, in about a three hour time frame, I bolted up with the same dream five times. Each time I was looking for something that was missing, something that affected my boys, and so I was searching, and checking on them, all the while not really having any clue what I was doing. And then, after a minute or so, once I was completely and totally wide awake, it would kick in that I was dreaming and there really wasn’t anything to look for, anything to worry about. But even then, it seemed so real, and I wasn’t absolutely sure. So I would drop back into bed and think about it, unable to fall back to sleep.

Ick! I woke up exhausted and with a sore back, just wanting to curl back up and sleep and sleep. Didn’t happen. And since I don’t drink coffee, I’m hoping hot chocolate will give me a little caffeine kick. Or maybe I’ll go straight for the hard stuff and crack open an RC this morning.

I really, really hope tonight is better.

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  1. Sorry about the rough night! So how many times did you count your kids last night?

  2. Yuck. I had the same kind of night, actually. Isn’t that strange? Hope tonight is better!

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Multiple times, Stacy. Multiple times.

    You too, Julie! I commiserate.

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