Friday, I’ve found, is a particularly slow day for my blog. So today I’m taking it easy–one quick, funny story to start the weekend, and then I’ve got to get to work on my WIP.

So yesterday I went to get my haircut. Turns out I haven’t been since April, and my hair is longer than it’s been, probably since I was five years old. I carried in a picture of Veronica Mars, Season 1 with me, and I came out looking more like a flapper-girl. Oh well.

But while I’m sitting in the chair, my hairstylist, whom I’ve been going to for quite a while now, was telling me how her high-school senior daughter has started taking art classes at the local university. She recently brought home a consent form (seeing as she’s not yet eighteen) because they were going to start drawing nudes.

Well, the first one–a woman–came and went without incident. The second one was a 65-year-old man, who according to the daughter was quite ‘buff’. He posed DOING A HEADSTAND–NAKED! And he could only hold the position for ten minutes at a time, so then there was a break and it all started over again. A NAKED HEADSTAND DONE BY A 65-YEAR-OLD MAN??? I couldn’t stop laughing. Who on earth asks someone–anyone–to pose like this naked??? For this reason alone, I will never even consider taking art lessons. I’d be the goof ball in the back who couldn’t stop giggling.

Whew–gotta get that image out of my head and focus…

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great- now I got a naked guy doing a handstand for my weekend image.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I wonder what the advertisement for that job looked like

  3. Well there’s a visual to last me all weekend long! What does this guy tell his family he’s doing?! :)

    Have a fun weekend!

  4. naked handstand, gotta love art.

  5. Sally Lawton

    Thanks for making me smile after a long day… I’ll be giggling all weekend with that image in my mind!!!


  6. Oh, wow. How could anyone keep from laughing in that class?

  7. Ewwwww. LOL

    That is not something I would want to see…and have to recreate on a canvas. FOR A GRADE! LOL

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