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Well…I have found me a new obsession! Stacy discussed this on her blog some time ago (I’m too lazy to go look up exactly when), and I made a little mental note to look into it. Well, apparently the mental Post-it got lost, or I got lazy, or I had a case of ‘don’t-want-to-know-itis’, so I’ve just now gotten around to it.

I’m talking about StatCounter. I signed up, added a counter to my blog (somewhat sloppily, I might add–I need to fix it), and now have become very, VERY interested in all the little statistics that get recorded.

Some things I’ve found out today:

1. The vast majority of visits to my site last between 1-5 seconds. YIKES! Apparently my welcome wagon needs to be spiffed up a bit.

2. I had at least one hit for the search ‘MIL sex’. She would be so proud of me…

3. I’ve unearthed some lurkers, and I will be visiting you very soon…

4. My numbers are getting skewed by my own page loads. I access my own blog to visit my linked blogger buddies. Need to fix that. Although…*lightbulb moment*…maybe I’m part of the 1-5 second problem!!! It’s an encouraging possibility.

I will be finding out more and will keep my loyal readers–all three of you–posted.
Until then…I’m watching you. Or at least collecting statistics on you. Have a pleasant tomorrow.

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  1. I’m not sure that it counts people who are reading your feed. Statcounter tells me useful things, like the fact that people come to my blogs through the phrase “do ostriches eat rocks?”. I can’t help but think they are disappointed once they finally make it to my site.

  2. ACK! Guess I have to come visit through a different back door now – if I want to keep my secret blog a secret. LOL

  3. Tempest Knight

    *LOL* I hear ya! For a while I was obsessed too with mine. Good thing I found something else to fix my addiction – playing spider solitaire. Hehehe!

  4. I get tons of 2 or 3 second visitors, generally people who are looking for Frog and Toad teaching materials and who instantly realize that they’re not anywhere helpful.
    I’m sorry, estate of Arnold Lobel.

  5. Catherine Avril Morris

    Aren’t stats great?? WordPress has them–another reason I switched over–and I hafta admit, I’ve gotten a little obsessed with checking my stats. It’s so interesting to see where people come over from (and I had a few come from searches involving the word “sex” and other things…disconcerting, to say the least).

  6. Catherine Avril Morris

    Oh, I have an idea about those 1- to 5-second site visits: Maybe they’re people like me who sometimes visit your front page and immediately click on “comments” on a post they’ve already read, to see if anyone new has posted something interesting. I just realized I do that frequently on your blog, and the others I read, too. That could certainly account for some of those split-second visits, right?

  7. Christine d'Abo

    I’ll have to check this out. And I read you, Alyssa!! But things have been crazy for me these days.

  8. I have a site meter, too–and lots of lurkers, apparently. That bugs me. I wonder if Stat Counter could give more accurate information…

  9. i won’t lurk then! thanks for giving me ANOTHER reason to avoid writing and play online! 😉

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