Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To This Fall/Winter Season

1. 24…who can resist, really, finding out what other tricks Jack Bauer has up his sweaty little sleeve.

2. LOST…Not back until 2008. I’m so glad I finally gave this show a chance. Wonder who’ll die this season…

3. How I Met Your Mother…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. If you have not seen this show–I urge you to rectify that wrong as soon as possible. Occasionally hokey, it is also very clever and laugh-out-loud funny. In a time when reality shows and police/lawyer/doctor dramas are edging out the comedy, this show is a God-send.

4. Numb3rs…possibly a little on the unbelievable side (although I did read that a Caltech (or similar) math professor is a consultant for the show), I just like the characters. Plus a little romance never hurts…

5. The Office…so ridiculous, it’s hilarious. I know a show is working when I get embarrassed for the characters. And Pam and Jim are once again a possibility…

6. Psych…while technically the season has already started, I thought I should include it anyway. If you haven’t caught a show, do. It also is a little hokey, but it’s good, clean fun. A very observant man partners with a childhood buddy to open a psychic agency and assist the police. (That didn’t sound that great, but trust me).

7. Burn Notice…this season has already started too…apparently USA likes to buck the system. We’ve only seen one episode, but it looks promising. It’s about a ex-CIA who’s been ‘burned’ or outed, and now he has to figure out who outed him while using his unique skills to make a living.

8. Dancing With The Stars…I think I’m going to give it a try this season, right from the start. There’s no Apolo this season, but I’ll try to stick it out.

9. Samantha Who? A new comedy on ABC. I’m always on the look out for a new comedy, and this one has some actors I really like. Christina Applegate plays Samantha who gets into a car accident and ends up with retrograde amnesia–but it’s a comedy. (Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls is in the cast).

10. Rules of Engagement Another comedy, but this one’s on CBS. Starring David Spade and Patrick Warburton (Putty from Seinfeld), I’m sure it will, at the very least, be occasionally funny.

11. Standoff…I don’t know what the season situation is with this show–it seems sort of on again/off again. Two romantically involved FBI negotiators do their thing.

12. Heroes…we’re waaaay behind. We need to catch up with last season before starting in on this one.

13. Cavemen…gotta admit I’m not so sure about this one. I do like those Geico commercials though. Three cavemen living in Atlanta must learn to coexist with modern-day Americans. Hmmm.

Long Live The Tivo!

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  1. The only one of those I’ve seen (if I’ve heard of it – I haven’t heard of all of them you listed) is Dancing with the Stars. And I’ll definitely be watching that one. :o)

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    Harry Potter and now this? It almost seems as if you’re boycotting popular culture… With the exception of DWTS–good taste, Girl.

  3. I’m so ready for DWTS! I can’t remember where I heard it, but the grapevine is saying that Jennie Garth is going to be on the show (apparently inspired by Ian Ziering’s experience)! :) Maybe Apolo will make a guest appearance?

  4. Wylie Kinson

    LOST! Can’t wait.

  5. Of your list, three and five are my favorites and I don’t watch the others at alllll! I like really bad tv, I think. (think “Bones.”)

  6. Christine d'Abo

    I’m really excited for House, CSI, Stargate: Atlantis and Criminal Minds to start back up. Battlestar Galatica doesn’t start until 2008 either. :(

    I haven’t gotten in to Lost yet.

  7. Hmmm. I’ve seen the first two seasons of Lost on DVD. The rest I’ve never seen. It’s probably just as well. Back when I did watch TV, any show I liked was sure to be canceled. :)

  8. Joely Sue Burkhart

    The only one on your list we watch regularly is Numb3rs, which we love. I personally can’t wait for Survivor!

  9. I can’t wait for 24 and Hero’s to return. I love those shows.

  10. Alyssa Goodnight

    Beck? How can you watch How I Met Your Mother and The Office and not give Psych a try?? It’s on USA.

  11. spyscribbler

    You know I’m looking forward to 24! I love Numb3rs, too. It took me a few episodes to get hooked, but I’m definitely hooked!

    Eeek!!! I didn’t hear about Burn Notice! Sheesh. I’m supposed to be up on the spy stuff, LOL. I also want to DVR Standoff and Heroes.

    Thanks! And Happy TT!

  12. Donica Covey

    How I Met your mother is pretty good. But I’m getting tired of waiting to hear who he marries…Numb3rs…Rob Morrow, need I say more?

    Psych cracks me up!

    Great list.
    Donica Covey

  13. Rhian / Crowwoman

    yikes – i don’t know any of these! i’m such a cultural hermit. sigh.
    hubby told me about some series though i may have to check out (can’t recall the name sorry) about a 1960s advertising agency – where it was all booze, women and backstabbing. thank gawd that was before my time. shudder. but he said it was funny.

  14. Wylie Kinson

    I’ve got my fingers in my ears singing ‘la la la’…
    Because I SO do NOT NEED to get sucked into another season of television. Thing is, I love to be entertained – but now that 3 yr old is no longer napping, evenings is the only writing time I have :(
    So, no tv…
    *praying I have the willpower to keep it real*

  15. OpenChannel

    Lucy, I’m glad I’m not the only person around who doesn’t watch Lost. Actually, we got rid of our TV when we moved and the only show I was stressed about missing was 24. I was hooked pretty bad.

    I was a big fan of the original British version of The Office (own all the episodes), so I just can’t watch the American version. I know it’s a talented cast, but it’s just not the same.

    I actually work on the show Psych. The cast and crew are terrific and the show is good clean fun. I recommend it.

  16. The Office is just too hysterical! Although I don’t think for a moment that Pam and Jim will actually hook up.

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