Weird Things…

Two such things happened to me yesterday. First, in the morning I got an email from Amazon telling me that my recent order hadn’t been processed correctly because either my credit card number, expiration date, or zip code didn’t match. So, I clicked the link in the email to look things over. (side note: NEVER CLICK THE LINK! and dabble with your credit card number) But then my computer died, so I had to launch everything anew and just went directly to my Amazon account. I messed with some things (including my credit card number–I’d just recently added a new card) and then logged out. After everything was fixed I started to get a little befuddled because the order it specified was from back in February, not my most recent order from a few weeks ago. I preordered Harry Potter Book 7 way back then while ordering a few other books and assumed they’d charged my credit card for the completed portion of the order–I’d need to check my Feb. bill to be sure. But here it was again. At the time, I wasn’t sufficiently weirded out to worry about it.

Then last night, while at the beach, I started to wonder if I’d fallen for one of those email scams. Usually they’re so obviously ridiculous. But this one looked professional and had a listing of books I’d ordered. So I worried. It relieved me slightly that I was 95% sure I hadn’t followed the email link to make any credit card changes, but still. Now I’ve double checked, and had my husband look around too, and I think I’m good. Whew! I still don’t get the whole problem with the February order though.

The second weird thing regards a library hold. I’m constantly putting books on hold, checking up on them, removing the hold if I buy the book or lose interest. You could say I’m very vigilant about these things. So I put Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr on hold and was #9 in the request queue. A few weeks later, I saw that I was #10 and assumed I’d just mistaken my #9 place in the queue. But yesterday, I looked again and I was #12. How can this happen? Who is cutting in the library hold queue?!? I have no explanation for this, and it’s bugging me. My husband has suggested that maybe one library’s systems was offline, and that sounds logical, but for weeks???? It’s definitely bugging me. But at least my credit card is not involved.

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  1. I clicked on a scammy email recently and it deleted all of my past year’s emails. Grr!

  2. Oh girl – you never click on the link! If your computer died before you did anything, I’m sure you’re fine.

    As for the library thing, can you contact them to see what’s going on?

  3. Wow, your library has a hold list? It sounds so modern! My library, in my teeny tiny town, smells like old people. When I moved here four years ago and requested an inter-library loan, the HEAD LIBRARIAN furrowed his brows and said, “Well, I’m just not sure if I remember how to do one of those.”

  4. Virginia, like the state!

    I always try to be careful about clicking the links–it’s one of my biggest fears! You should be okay though since you didn’t enter information.

  5. That’s so scary! Glad you weren’t robbed. I get weird stuff from paypal all the time telling me all kinds of lies. They’re hard to ignore in a way, because you always wonder, but when in doubt I go straight to the site instead of clicking on the link.

  6. I think your local library might be controlled by a secret society. I blame the local Masonic group. Clearly, they must love Melissa Marr.

  7. Kari Lee Townsend

    Gotta hate spam. I never know what to click on anymore.

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