Resolution Update

Since half the year is already over (more than, actually), I thought maybe I should check my resolution progress. I didn’t really want to look, remembering that I’d said that this book–the one I’ve been working on FOR-EVER–will be done this year. But I did, and here’s the status…

2007 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Write six days a week. And on the seventh day, strive to keep my WIP fresh in my mind. I was doing this–100 words in 100 days, right??? But I derailed a bit on my vacation and haven’t started up again yet. I’m catching up with my critiquing and my laundry.

2. Resolve all those open questions surrounding my manuscript. So not accomplished. If anything, now there are more questions now that I have a critique partner.

3. Finish it, revisions and all. Yikes! I better get busy! One more month of summer vacation and both boys are in school–I might manage it yet…

4. Pitch to an agent in person. Did it.

5. Query 10-15 agents via email or snail mail. Didn’t do it…yet.

6. Refuse to get discouraged if I only get rejections. I was actually a little psyched by my last rejection–it was positive and encouraging.

7. Make the decision whether to pursue additional agents and traditional publishing or try going it alone again (via self-publishing). Still considering both options.

8. Read for pleasure–even a little bit–every day. Way, way, way behind. So many good books on my nightstand…

9. Tell myself everyday that my WIP is shaping up, getting better, and will eventually become a published book. Kinda-sorta.

10. Start on my next book. I have a new idea for a historical…I’m actually excited about it.

11. Blog five days a week on topics that will lure some more regulars. I’m still blogging about four days a week, but I have some new, fun readers.

And, taking a bit of advice from Jenny Crusie, I’m listing a few indulgences for 2007 too…

2007 New Year’s Indulgences

1. Take (note that’s not ‘make’) a little bit of time to write everyday. If I don’t take it, it’s lost to other things. Yes, yes, yes!

2. Read everyday…articles, novels, craft books, anything good. No, no, no.

3. Redesign and revamp my website and my blog–totally new look. More polished, more professional, more personality. At this point, I’m gathering ideas, thinking I’ll work on it this fall when I need a break from writing.

4. Organize my office…which basically means buy all those cute and useful little office products to cheer me up and make me more efficient. Then use them. Kinda, sorta. Progress has been made.

5. Reward myself for each 2007 Resolution accomplished. This probably means in books, but a luxurious vacation would be nice too. Oh, I’ve been suitably compensated with books. No luxurious vacation on the horizon though…
All right! So not too shabby. I’m actually encouraged. Now if I could just get this book finished…

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  1. You’ll do it. It’s way to deep within you to not be finished. :)

    I love the take the time to write vs. make the time.

  2. Yah know, I’m not sure if I’ve ever thought about checking in on resolutions mid-year! Good idea! I didn’t make any resolutions this year, but I’m storing this idea for future reference. And ditto what Vicki said about taking the time to write vs. making the time to write!

    Btw…for awesome and cute office products, go to It’s fabulous. I have the “myagenda” planner from there and they have these really need “momagenda” planners. Plus TONS of other cute products ranging from 3-ring binders to silver desk accessories.

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Hey thanks, Stephanie! I’ve seen that site before and had forgotten the name of it. I’ve been searching for it.

  4. You can do it!

  5. Good luck with the resolutions!

    I really should revisit mine one of these days, but I’m scared.

  6. Christine d'Abo

    You’re making great progress, Alussa. I know you’ll get everything done that you want to accomplish.

  7. Oh, I love the idea of “New Year’s Indulgences!”

    I think I may need to make some “Midyear Indulgences,” since I’m behind…

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