Gilmore Girls

A few weeks ago I did a Thursday 13 on Places I’d Love to Visit, and the books I blame for it. Well…if we count TV shows, I can now happily add Stars Hollow, Connecticut, quirky hometown of the Gilmore Girls. My husband and I marathoned our way through Season 2 (which was already overdue at the library) this weekend, and even got our two sons watching a couple of episodes. My older son (seven) thinks Rory is ‘cool’. And now I officially want to visit. I want to sit in the gazebo, stay at the inn, have burgers at Luke’s, and be there for a festival or two.

I’ve now seen the ‘jam hands’ episode Virginia mentioned, but I’m not yet to the Mary Poppins/bungee-jumping scene I saw mentioned on another blog. I’m starting to feel a little ‘in the loop’, and my husband is still just as hooked. He regularly looks away from the television at me, grinning, and says, ‘That’s a good line.’ Now Season 3 is on reserve at the library.

I need to figure out what else Jess has been in though…it’s really been bugging me. A-ha! Checked IMDB–he’s Peter Petrelli! From Heroes. AT LAST! Now I know.

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  1. Tell me something — am I the only one bothered by Jess’ mouth? It’s sort of … I don’t know … lopsided. It bothers me so much I can barely concentrate when he’s on the screen.

  2. I always wanted to visit Maine frop watching Murder she Wrote, and my husband tried for years to convince me to move to Alaska because of Northern Exposure. I’ve never seen the Gilmore Girls, but I’m sure I’d get sucked in to the location if it’s presented well.

  3. Yep. I can spell :-) Frop = From.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    I couldn’t tell you, Heather. I’ve been so busy trying to figure out why I recognize him. Now it’s probably all I’ll notice too. :)

  5. Oh Jess…he’s so dreamy::grins::

    Never noticed the lopsided mouth. I have noticed how Ryan Seacrest has a lopsided face and so does Kat from “So You Think You Can Dance.” Drives me crazy sometimes so I understand!

  6. Virginia, like the state!

    Oddly enough all of the love interests for Rory and Lane have gone off to other successful shows: Dean (Supernatural), Jess (Heroes), Dave (The OC), Tristan (One Tree Hill).

    Can you imagine walking through Stars Hollow while it’s snowing? Sigh.

  7. I suspect that the town I live in is trying to be Stars Hollow, but is limited by its Midwesterness. And by its lack of Luke.

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Stacy: you need a Luke. Maybe a rough-around-the-edges professor… You two could be the Lorelai and Luke of small-town Michigan. :)

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