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I’m at my in-laws’ lakehouse for an extended holiday weekend, and I’m not getting much time on the computer. I have to sneak up while my boys (and their father) are doing other things besides computer games. But I’m doing my 100 words on my AlphaSmart, and it’s going pretty well.

My mother-in-law, as I’ve mentioned before, is my biggest fan (as an author). She raves about my book, buys it for all her friends, encourages complete strangers to buy it, and demands that they remember my name when my next release finally makes an appearance. So…as you can imagine, I occasionally hear a few stories.

Many have wondered if it was based on my life (i.e. the sex scene specifically), and whether my husband truly is ‘that good’. But I haven’t heard anything like the one she told me Friday night over dinner. Evidently she encouraged a woman to read my book, and the lady loved it. LOVED it. Right up until page three hundred eighty-something. When she discovered the aforementioned sex scene. Then she was shocked and slightly disturbed. Not by any questionable content in the scene, but the scene itself.

She somehow got it into her head that she was reading a Christian/inspiration romance. How on earth she did, I have no idea. The front cover doesn’t hint at that; neither does the back blurb. And I assure you my mother-in-law would NEVER have given her that idea. But that’s what she thought.

When she mentioned her mistaking it for a Christian romance, my MIL said, “Christians have sex.” and the lady said, “Of course. You need to to have babies.” Hmmm…maybe the romance genre is not so much for her…

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  1. hehehee.
    I can’t quite imagine my m-i-l being my biggest fan. You’re a lucky woman.

  2. LMAO!!!! That’s an awesome story!!! And yeah, from the title, how could she get the genre confused? That’s great. And that’s so cool that your MIL is such a staunch supporter.

  3. Christine d'Abo

    LOL!! I hope she never stumbles onto my story. She’d have a heartattack. :)

  4. susanhatler

    Alyssa, What a great MIL you have. So sweet that she’s so excited about your work.

  5. I’m with beck. My own mother is less than supportive, but my MIL makes her look like a chest-painting, chant-leading, sign-waving superfan.

  6. Catherine Avril Morris

    Yahaha!! That’s too funny. And it sounds like you lucked out in the in-laws dept., which is awesome.

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