Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Great Characters

1. Indiana Jones

2. George and Ron Weasley of Harry Potter fame (and possibly Severus Snape)

3. Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective

4. The Bridgertons, the alphabetized family created by Julia Quinn

5. Elizabeth Bennet, show-stealer from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

6. Anne of Green Gables–such spunk!

7. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings

8. Francis the Badger, one of my childhood favorites

9. Emily Bromley, scandalous widow and amateur sleuth, created by Tasha Alexander

10. Melissa Romney-Jones (a.k.a Honey), proprietor of The Little Lady Agency

11. The Goodnights, one of many wacky and endearing families from the oh-so-clever mind of Jenny Crusie…from Faking It.

12. Patricia Anne and Mary Alice of the Southern Sisters Mystery Series

13. Bennie Harper, Earlene Fowler’s quirky cowgirl sleuth.

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  1. I’ve always loved Indianna. I had a crush on Harrison Ford since I was a kid primarily because of that character. So well played. Han Solo too. I can’t wait for the next Indy film!

  2. Crimson Wife

    I’m not familiar with all the characters, but you’ve made some great choices of the ones I do know!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Susan Helene Gottfried

    I don’t know all of them either, but I can picture the cover of Frances; I think that book survived my childhood and now belongs to my kids!

    Happy TT! (you left out Stephanie Plum, Ranger, and Morelli!!!)

  4. Wylie Kinson

    Glad to see Anne of GG made your list. She’s one of my fave literary characters.

  5. I knew most of them and loved Harrison Ford. He was such a hotty to me as Han Solo.

  6. I love the Weisly brothers! So devilishly coniving and cute! LC

  7. I love many of your choices. And FRANCES! I LOVE Frances!

  8. Shannon Miller

    Great list! I’ve been an Anne of Green Gables for a long time and can’t wait until my DD is old enough to get started on them. She’ll like Anne’s “spunk”…she’s all about Junie B. Jones right now, but I know she’ll think Anne is even cooler.

  9. Great choices! (I agree w/ SHG, too: don’t forget the Burg. *g)

  10. Tempest Knight

    Yep, Indi and Poirot are very well-drawn characters. :)

  11. Francis the Badger…hee!

    I’m a fan of Babar the Elephant, and a new character called Henrietta the Hippo. Henrietta likes to dance, but she makes an awful racket. My sister sent this to me for some reason???


  12. Miss Frou Frou

    Hi, love Indy, and Weasleys… and think Snape (or should that be Alan Rickman) is hot in an oh so wrong way. Also love Miss Eliza Bennet, and Anne and Bennie.. love all of Jennie Crusie’s characters but particularly the Goodnights… wish she’d do a story about Louise!

  13. What about Fred Weasley? :)

  14. Alyssa Goodnight

    Egad! I meant Fred and George Weasley! Ron is a little too much of whiner for me.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Stacy.

  15. I agree about Snape! Ever since I got my boyfriend to start reading the books, he’s obsessed with Snape, too! :) Great list!

  16. Ava Rose Johnson

    I love Elizabeth Bennett and Anne of Green Gables, the original kick-ass heroines.

  17. spyscribbler

    Anne of Green Gables was awesome, awesome, awesome! I loved her to death, as well as Jo March.

    Happy TT!

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