One down…

First of all, I can’t believe I missed the fact that it was Thursday! No Thursday 13, no visits from Thursday 13’ers. No racking my brain to come up with a topic and then further racking it for an itemized list of 13. Darn it. Next week is gonna be my week. This week, I think, threw me because I was just back from NY and Monday was a holiday. Excuses, excuses.

In other news, nothing of any interest is going on here. The first week of summer is over, and we’ve all survived. There’s been a lot of selective hearing, a lot of rowdiness, an excited beginning to the summer reading programs, and mish-mash of other activities. My little one keeps finding reasons to say ‘refreshment’ and is giddy at the possibility of any kind of snack, and my older one just wants video game time all the time and breakfast the minute he wakes up. Next week we start swimming lessons, so we’ve got to get an early start. This was a week of late starts.

I checked the first season of Gilmore Girls out of the library and have persuaded my husband to watch the first CD with me so far. Each night after sitting through a couple of episodes, he moans and informs me he thinks he’s overdosed on estrogen. He wants a man in the show, offsetting all that femininity. But I liked it–it’s fast paced and funny. Sarcastic and smart-alecky–I can relate.

In reading news, I finished A Dangerous Dress on the flight to NY–very interesting and different, and I bought Suspense and Sensibility for the flight home–I’m three-quarters through. Virtually no reading has occurred since I got back home, but otherwise, I’ve been very efficient. The boys are sort of doing their own thing with occasional refereeing from me, so I’m plugging away with laundry, dishes, cleaning, writing, and general odd jobs. Bravo!

No plans yet for the weekend, so we shall see…

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  1. Gilmore Girls reminds me of my daughter and myself! We’re fans. We missed your TT this week, look forward to it for next week. Thanks for visiting mine! – LC

  2. Stephanie Janulis

    Not that I didn’t already think you were fantastic, but having a love of Gilmore Girls automatically bumps anyone up like, a bagillion notches on the cool-meter. Hmm…tht sounded very hs but it’s true! You should tell your husband this. lol. I LOVE GG and I wish I were as clever as they are. Too bad I’m not all that exciting in the wit department. :(

  3. Your efforts to watch Gilmore Girls will be worth it! Tell the hubby to stick it out! :)

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    Lara, you must have a great relationshp with your daughter!

    Stephanie, you are so sweet! And I wish I were as clever too…

    Virginia, hubby is now very content to stick it out. :)

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