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Is it just me, or does Jenny Crusie just get the best covers??

I’d never heard of her when I was browsing through the paperbacks at Target years ago and saw that glossy red apple on the cover of Welcome to Temptation. That cover lured me in. I kept smoothing my hand over it, excited to get started reading. Well the stories hooked me, but each cover wows me as much or more than the last. Beautiful, classy matte covers with just a tease of the book inside.
And just look at the ones coming this summer…

Another gorgeous cover…

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  1. I think I like Theodosia the best, the colors are awesome! Thanks for sharing – LC

  2. Christine d'Abo

    I love the covers! I really need to read one of her books one of these days.

  3. Alyssa – you know, I agree with you on Jennifer Crusie book covers. They are pretty. The latest book The Unfortunate Miss Fortune is already out. I got a copy of it already 😉 :)

    Wish you best reading :)

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