Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Hotties (in my opinion)

1. I’d plaster a picture of my husband here, but he likes his privacy.

2. Mark Ruffalo

3. Apollo Anton Ono

4. Let’s just call him Aragorn…

5. Will Smith

6. Michael Buble

7. Jude Law

8. Johnny Depp

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

10. Ewan Macgregor

11. Denzel Washington

12. Tom Welling

13. Chris Lowell

Whew! That was a lot of work–now I know why I don’t post pictures very often. Forgive the lack of uniformity!

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  1. *drool*

    Sorry about that! I’d have to add Gerard Butler to my list. There’s something about his eyes…

  2. The good news is that we’d only have to arm wrestle over 4 and 8. The bad news is we’re going to have to arm wrestle over 4 and 8.

  3. Wylie Kinson

    I’ll match your 3, 4, 8, and 11, and add Brad, George, Matt, and Gerard (I like ’em mature)

  4. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Ooh, now THAT is something great to wake up to. Yummy! Thanks!

    I’m glad you visited West of Mars this week; hope you’ll come back again.

    Happy TT!

  5. Tempest Knight

    Oh yes… Viggo is definitely my man! He’s yummy as Aragorn!

  6. A couple of those were on my “short list” a while back, too. :)

    And don’t sweat the “lack of uniformity”–that adds charm. (works for me)

  7. Angela/SciFiChick

    Great list! :)

  8. Gorgeous men! (I have no idea who men 3 and 13 are, though.) We all know how I feel about Aragorn and Tom Welling, but I love Mark Ruffalo, too. He has an adorable sweetness to him, and I fall in love with every character he plays.

  9. I’m not doing TT this week (can’t come up with a topic), but thank you SO MUCh for the eye candy today! Now I can spend the afternoon fantasizing :)

    Happy TT, Alyssa!

  10. Daisy Dexter Dobbs

    Oh, oh, OH! I’m so glad I popped over here, Alyssa. Wonderful, drool-worthy list! 😀

  11. Okay do we have to fight over aragorn…hmm? *tapping foot* LOL!

    I agree with #4, #5 and #8. I usually prefer a little older men

    Happy T13! Have a good day!

  12. Great list but you forgot Josh Holloway from Lost!!

  13. Before Dancing with the Stars, I’d never even heard of Apolo–how small my world was then! :) Drool-worthy list!

  14. Alyssa Goodnight

    How is it that I didn’t find out until now that Apolo was on Dancing with the Stars????

    For the unenlightened, he’s an Olympic Short Track speed skater that I drooled over in 2002 while dealing with my newborn 2nd son.

  15. Must say – I like Johhny, Jake and Ewan too. :)

  16. alisonwonderland

    good choices, alyssa! what a way to end my day – maybe one or two of them will end up in my dreams! :o)

    happy thursday!

  17. I’d have to add Gerard as well. Otherwise, the view is fine 😉

  18. Stephanie Janulis

    HELLO 7 and 9!

  19. Miss Frou Frou

    Hi, great list, was telling a friend tonight I might do a list of Acting boys I have a crush on! I also don’t know 3 or 13

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