Follow-up to T13

First of all, who on earth is Gerard? PLEASE tell me you guys don’t mean Depardieu!!

And what happened with Apolo on Dancing with the Stars???? I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t know he was on!

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  1. Apolo is doing GREAT on Dancing with the Stars. Like someone else said, I didn’t know who he was until DWTS – bu tI do now. :~)

  2. Gerard Butler? Very hawt Scottish actor. Played the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. Was also in a little know movie Dear Frankie. Also in the recent movie 300.

    IMDb page

  3. I haven’t been watching DWTS consistently, but I’ve caught Apolo a few times and he’s FAB!

  4. Kari Lee Townsend

    I love Apolo. Hope he wins.

  5. You have GOT to start watching DWTS–Apolo kicks butt!! He’s an awesome dancer!

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