Lookin’ for a Bullseye

I’ve upped the ante slightly. My goal is no longer just to have a book (or two, or a bunch) published the traditional way. My goal is now to be a Target ‘Bookmarked’ book. I love Target, feel like I’m missing something if I don’t visit every week, and really, outfit much of my life there. I’ve always bought books there, but it’s usually been mass-market paperbacks. Now don’t get me wrong–I have absolutely nothing against the mass market paperbacks. I’ve read a ton, have a ton, and will probably buy a ton more. But I’ve fallen under the spell of the trade paperback. First I rebelled against it. It’s larger (takes up more space), typically shorter in length (at least it seems so if you take white space and page count into consideration), and is quite a bit pricier (close to double a MMP). But they’re so lovely and smooth. (Odd, but that embossing on MMP now seems a little cheap looking to me). The paper is nicer, they’re easier to hold, easier to read, prettier on the shelf. Anyway…I digress. Lately, each time I go into Target I must traipse by the ‘Bookmarked’ bookshelf. Occasionally I buy, sometimes I make a note of the book and get it at the library (particularly if I don’t know the author), and sometimes I pass altogether. But there’s just something about that ‘Bookmarked’ sticker–Target buyers think this book is something special. I gotta respect that. And now I have new ‘target’.

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  1. I’ve always thought my WIP would look very nice on Target’s shelves. Maybe our books could be shelved together.

  2. Stephanie Janulis

    So I used to be a Target expert, but now I must step down! I have had to stop myself from going there because I spend WAY too much each and every time–no matter what limit I set for myself. Hence…I haven’t seen the Target bookmark! Next time I break down and go shopping, I’ll have to go check it out!

  3. I miss Target. I used to go there every week when I lived in Virginia. I have to say that is an awesome goal to have. I think mine is to have a book in Chapters someday. They are the Canadian equalivant to Boarders, except they don’t carry any Ellora’s Cave books. So even though I’m soon to be published, I can’t go into my local book store to see it.

    Someday I will. :)

  4. My son loves Target. we have to go everyweek. I too feel wierd if we don’t go on Saturday morning. I love the books they carry but since most are Random house books I get them free from my SIL.
    I love that about her.

  5. Ah, very cool goal. I wonder how Target determines which books become “bookmarked”. Hope to see your name on that shelf soon! =)

  6. I love a nice chunky paperback. It’s portable, light, fits nicely in a purse or bag…. great goal!

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Good grief! I can’t imagine a life without Target! I pity you poor people.

  8. Catherine Avril Morris

    This post cracked me up! You funny lady! I’m a Target addict too…sometimes I go there when I’m in a bad mood, not even to buy anything, just to be there, because I love it so much. It soothes me. Yes, I’ve got it bad. I never look at the books, though. I always do Borders or BookPeople for that.

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