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Okay, first things first…Disgusting jellybean update: my sons have now tried both Earwax and Booger and have pronounced them ‘tasty’. My younger decided to chant ‘I like boogers’ after his taste. It was tastefully done. No takers yet on the Vomit. I’m sort of bribing them to try new flavors…they can have a tasty jellybean if they try a gross one. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

Next, I’m including links to this and this. I recommend viewing both.

I’m thirty pages away from finishing The Spellman Files–the book I put on hold at the library after reading that it was ‘hilarious’ on Publisher’s Weekly. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s hilarious–I laughed out loud only once, but I would say that it’s clever, witty, amusing, spunky, intriguing–a really great read. I had to fly through this one as it’s due tomorrow and I couldn’t renew. (Someone else read Pub. Weekly and put it on hold right behind me). Another book coming highly recommended–it’s about a family of quirky private eyes, and the cover flap says it’s going to be a series.

One specific little thing that appealed to me about this book was how the author, Lisa Lutz, used little lines or quirks to link different scenes and various parts of the book. For instance, Izzy, the protagonist would say that her sister Rae kept silent for five minutes, ‘beating her old record by a minute and a half’*. These were scattered throughout the book, and it was great for continuity and character arc, etc. I think I’m going to try to weave something like this into my WIP. I think it’s sort of feels like an inside joke between the character and the reader. And how great is that?

Oh, and I got my hair cut/styled today. I asked my husband to take a picture and it came out looking pretty grim, so I turned around, told him to count down, and I’d turn and smile like a supermodel. I think that plan was a little optimistic. He got the back of my head and this Freaky Girl photo. Just look at the hair, not my psycho eyes and zany smile.

*This is not a direct quote from the book

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  1. I love the hair! So cute! A tasty jellybean for eating a yucky one? Now, that’s just mean. Someone would have to offer me a box of Godivas for me to eat a vomit-flavored bean. Of course, I’m not a male under the age of ten either.

  2. Alyssa, I think the hair looks FABULOUS! How fun!

    And I’m surprised your boys haven’t snatched up the vomit flavor jelly bean yet. It’s been my experience that boys will eat ANYTHING!

  3. Your hair looks terrific! I don’t know what sort of incentive could get me to willingly eat a vomit-flavoured jellybean.

  4. I LOVE the hair! I’ve been afraid to try those jelly beans. Do they actually taste like their names? Have YOU tried any??? LOL.

  5. Stephanie Janulis

    Ditto on everyone else’s comments about the haircut! It looks so good! You’re the poster child for why getting haircuts is NOT a bad thing. I can’t tell you how many girls get freaked out by the idea, but you look wonderful!

    Side note…sure…I’m adventurous when it comes to the beans…but not so much that I’d try vomit. I thought about it, it was almost a possibilty, and then nope! No chance!

    Ps. Julie S–you look exactly like my freshman year roommate from college! I had to do a doubletake, then a triple, then a quadruple…

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    You guys are so sweet! Thanks for all the compliments!

    And just so you don’t get the wrong idea and have CPS over here…I’m not MAKING them eat a vomit jellybean. They’re free to try dirt or earthworm, or whatever else is left. But come on, once you’ve had booger, how bad can vomit be?

    Curiosity may just get the better of me…

    Julie, I posted a couple of days ago about the jellybeans–I tried black pepper and soap (both yucky). They definitely DO taste like their names–I’d recommend them as a gift to an attitudinous niece or nephew.

  7. Your hair looks GREAT! So does the whole photo, actually. And I love the weaving of little details like that through a book – great idea.

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