Thursday Thirteen

Tomorrow I very much fear that I’m going to have to have a root canal. This will be my second. Nothing can be done about it now, but I thought I’d make a list of
Thirteen Foods That Probably Contributed To My Impending Root Canal

1. Caramel Corn

2. Kettle Corn

3. Buttered Popcorn (see a pattern developing here?)

4. Coke/Dr. Pepper

5. Mellowcreme pumpkins at Halloween time

6. Conversation hearts at Valentine’s

7. Caramel apples (I’ve only had a few, but they really wreak havoc on your teeth)

8. Brownies (I’m addicted)

9. Chocolate chip cookies (ditto)

10. Ice cream (particularly the kind with mix-in’s like chocolate chunks)

11. Snowcones (in Texas, they’re a must)

12. Soft peppermints

13. Hot tamales (the candy)

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  1. Catherine Avril Morris

    Eek, good luck with the root canal!

  2. Angela/SciFiChick

    Ick. Hope it goes as painlessly as possible!
    And shoot. You just reminded me I have a couple cookies stashed in my desk…

  3. Mmmmm… popcorn….

    And OUCH, {{{hugs}}}, and best wishes.

  4. Sorry about the root canal. I had one last year :(

    Caramel apples are TASTY.

  5. Kari Lee Townsend

    I’ve never had one. Hope yours goes well.

  6. I’m definitely craving something sweet now!!

    Good luck with the root canal *hugs*

  7. I eat a bag od popcorn a day, I too can’t get enough

  8. Tempest Knight

    I couldn’t live without Coke and chocolate! Those are part of a nutritious diet. Heh!

  9. I hope things go well for you tomorrow. I love candy and have to have it around. It keeps me sane.

  10. spyscribbler

    Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that. I have a dentist fear, unfortunately. Must go floss my teeth!

    Happy TT, and I hope it goes as well as possible!

  11. Awww and some of those are things I like to eat *grin*

    Sorry about your root canal. I hope things go okay tomorrow…I prays for you :)

    Try to have a Happy T13 and good day

  12. Jennifer Talty

    Yeah, one might think those things could have lead to a root canal. Then agian, never had one and I do most of those. DH had one, it wasn’t too bad.

  13. Mmmmm… they all sound worth a root canal! 😉 Sorry you have to have one, but just think of the sugar you can treat yourself to later! I love candy apples… kind of… I love my apples dipped in caramel and then into milk chocolate… oh wow! Just thinking about it makes me want one.

  14. Wylie Kinson

    I recently resolved to STOP eating after dinner…
    but your list has me heading to snack cupboard!!

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