Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Very British Words
I’m just finished reading and sighing over The Little Lady Agency…again
And I’m waaay late with this one…

1. knickers…how is that not better than ‘undies’?

2. biscuits…so much more posh than ‘cookies’

3. take-away…more cosmopolitan than ‘take-out’

4. on holiday…sounds so much more festive than ‘on vacation’

5. loads…as in plenty

6. knackered…it’s just fun to say…saying tired is actually a little tiring

7. cheeky…it makes rude seem just charmingly mischievous

8. bloody…okay, actually sort of a curse word…it sounds very sophisticated

9. nicked…another of those charmingly mischievous words

10. the loo…seems to make a fun little excursion of going to the ladies room

11. proper…ah, those by-the-book Brits

12. nip…as in hurry

13. Mummy…so cozy and comforting sounding

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  1. I love this!! I did a similar one not too long ago and recently realized there were so many other words and phrases I like that I almost made another list. The Brits rock!

  2. Seriously, why haven’t some of these words caught on in this country? Especially knickers. Way better than undies!

    Another very British word…SHAG. :-)

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Definitely, Julie–and I forgot snogging!

  4. Jennifer Talty

    I love British Lingo! I also love to say Bloody Hell!

  5. The brits have some of the best expressions out there. I love this! There is an online Test The Nation language quiz you can take from BBC. They have all sorts of fun sayings. :)

  6. Angela/SciFiChick

    This was such a fun book!

  7. I am going to be using these now lol

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