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I’ve been slowly sifting through email since I got back (most of it Yahoo digests) and in reading the Publisher’s Lunch emails found a book I’m now very eager to read. It’s called The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz. The author quotes are awesome and any book that’s billed as laugh-out-loud funny, I feel the need to look into. The last book I think I laughed out loud at was Going Coastal by Wendy French. Although I could be overlooking something. Since it’s hardback, I immediately surfed over to my library’s website and placed a hold on it. I think I’m number 6. But I also checked it out on Amazon…six reviews, all five stars. We shall see…

While on our trip, we purchased an in-room movie: The Night at the Museum for $12.99 plus tax, figuring it would be cheaper than all of us going to the movie, but still entertain the boys (i.e. keep them hotel-quiet). It was cute. I love Ben Stiller. Even my husband (who had pre-conceived notions that it would be all fluff) liked it. So, two thumbs up.

Oh, and I’m still catching up on everyone else’s blog…

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  1. My mom, sister and I went to see Night at the Museum on Christmas night. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I wasn’t expecting it to be good. I was proved wrong and ended up loving it! Glad you and the family enjoyed it as well!

  2. Catherine Avril Morris

    Now you see, that’s pretty interesting–that you place stock in the author quotes on the cover. I’ve always wondered about things like that. My pubbed friends seem worried sometimes about not getting good enough quotes for their covers, and I’ve always thought, So what? Because I don’t ever pay attention to them. I just read the first page or 2, plus the back cover or inside-jacket blurb, and decide based on that. Or, you know, on recommendations. But you do read those. That’s really good to know.

  3. Stephanie Janulis

    The comments for the book look great! I added it to my TBP list!

    …isn’t blog updating addictive? I feel like I could spend hours catching up on others’ blogs!

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    Catherine: I TOTALLY look at those quotes. While I know that there’s the possibility that some of them might not be totally honest, I think you can probably get a general feeling. I mean there’s a difference between saying, ‘A must-read author’ and ‘I wet my pants laughing’.

    I used to read the back blurb and the one inside (if there was one), but now I just don’t have the time or patience. I’m toting two kids around, so I just scope things out, then do a little bit more research at home on Amazon or the author’s website. But there are some authors I trust to give honest reviews, and if I see them quoted, I pay attention.

  5. Catherine Avril Morris

    That totally makes sense (about having 2 kids, less time, and the difference between “Read it, it’s good” vs. “I peed my pants laughing!”).

    I just laughed at myself because when I came back to read your comment in response to my comment, I was arrested by the pic of the book’s cover, just as I was earlier today when I first read your post. I’d buy that book based on its cover alone! :-)

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