Nothing and yet Something

I hate to say it, but nothing really exciting has happened to me in the last, oh 48 hours. The conclusion you may draw from this is that I have nothing to blog about.

In writing I’m really, really trying to keep the big picture of my story in mind as I work (plow, really) through revisions. I’m trying to think in terms of ‘Does this advance the story?’, ‘Is this in keeping with the theme of the book?’, ‘Do I really need this?’ And that’s hard. Usually I just go my merry way, which is probably why I’ve written the equivalent of two books now with only one story idea. But at the urging of Bob Mayer, I’ve written down my one-line story idea and posted it on my computer monitor to keep me focused. We shall see…

In reading, I’m still gradually making progress on The Deception novel and have taken to bringing Flirting with Pride & Prejudice to the playground to read it while my kids are playing after school. Very interesting reading.

In family life, my little one, after eating one conversation heart of each color (six colors) and one spare, which was his allotment, realized that he’d forgotten to savor the last one. So he asked if he and I could split one, which we did–a pink one. He totally savored it. Talk about the sweet life!

See? What’d I tell you? Nothing.
But I am working on my WIP, so that’s something!

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  1. Yay for the writing going well. I’d be happy with that (my revising is not going well).

    If you don’t think your life is exciting enough, I could send you one of my minions. Boris can be pretty fun, but Vasily is the charming one.

  2. Good for you for getting some done. I’ve barely written a thing all week. Today I’m determined to get something done though.

  3. Angela/SciFiChick

    Sounds more exciting than my life at the moment!

  4. That’s plenty exciting. Who wants excitement? Pirateing on the high seas or leading a jungle expedition is a bit too rich for my blood.

  5. Way to go. I’m trying to get back on track myself.

  6. Life is like that. We have to have the ordinary to appreciate the blow-your-socks-off times!

    WTG on getting your writing done…. I could do with taking a leaf out of your book :)

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