It’s What’s for Dinner…

I’m just not motivated to write too much today (which is a little ironic because yesterday I wrote my PRO column about how to get motivated to write!) But I’m anxious to get back to reading The Deception of the Emerald Ring. I haven’t been giving myself too much time to read for pleasure and since this is a ‘new’ release at the library, I have to have it back in two weeks. You’d think I could read a book in two weeks no problem…but it can be a very big problem. I’m post-poning my writing for the day until later today…when I’m better motivated.

But I had to share…
Friday in the car, my older son asked if there were any animals made out of tortillas. Assuming he was joking, I decided to play along and told him, ‘Yes, the tortilleria.’ Of course, he didn’t believe me and asked repeated questions, things like, ‘No, I mean completely made of tortillas.’ I held firm until finally I asked, ‘If you didn’t think there was one, why did you ask?’ Thought I’d catch him at his joke. So then he says, “Okay, are there any animals not made out of meat.”


He was serious! And he thinks animals are ‘made out of meat’! I repeated this conversation to my husband, and he thought nothing of that last comment. I had to slowly remind him that animals are not ‘made out of meat’. They are made out of bone, muscle, cartilage, and an array of other parts. They’re only meat because other animals happen to eat them.

Along those same lines…I was playing Outburst with my family on Christmas Eve and got the clue ‘Baby Animals’. So we had to list names for baby animals, trying to get the ones on the card. ‘Veal’ was on the list.

Does everyone think in terms of meat??

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  1. Hm. I asked my gruesome children what mama was made of, expecting to hear, I dunno “fairy dust and love.”
    “Meat”, my son said.
    Nonplussed, I asked my daughter.
    “Meat and blood and guts.”
    So be glad it’s just the animal kingdom in your house that’s walking meat, I guess.

  2. My boys are never happy unless we have meat for dinner. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Not sure.

  3. Angela/SciFiChick

    That is so cute!
    Sounds like he keeps you on your toes with questions like that.

  4. My son won’t eat meat,however when my hubsand told him that the pig from charlotes web was the ham we were having he gobbled it up.

  5. After my daughter had a visit to the farm we decided to walk carefully around the who meat issue. She really enjoyed playing with the baby pigs. Funny enough, pork is her favourite meat to eat.

    When my oldest informed her she was eating a pig one night, she looked up and shrugged. “But these are eating pigs, not playing pigs.”

    I love kid logic.

  6. Catherine Avril Morris

    “Any animals not made out of meat”–I love it! Shows a lot about perspective–since we humans have put ourselves at the top of the food chain, at this point. 😉 Your kids sound like real cuties.

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  8. That’s funny! I will be laughing for quite awhile at that :)

    You can tell your boy that my dog isn’t made out of meat – she’s too lanky.

  9. LOL! Kids are so funny. Maybe he’ll grow up to be a vegetarian!

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