Well, I’m not sure I’m off to that great a start. I didn’t write yesterday–didn’t really even consider it…but wait! I did say only six days a week, so if I write for six days straight, I’m still on target, right? Okay, we’ll try for that, even though I have my boys home today and tomorrow and maybe the little one on Thursday and Friday. Maybe, because I’m actually not sure when he goes back. Don’t get me wrong, we’re getting all dressed and back-packed up on Thursday and heading over there just on the possibility that he might have school. I could call someone, but since I’m the one that people tend to call, that probably won’t work too well. We’ll just cross our fingers. Because if he is in school…that’s like four full hours of potential Revision Magic time. (This is me being optimistic). I haven’t had that time in almost a month!

Please don’t let them ask me to substitute…please don’t let them call me. I’ll sit very still and not make any noises if they just don’t notice me here, poised on the brink of productivity….

Today I’m thinking for favor ideas for my sons’ rock-climbing birthday party later this month. So far I have bouncy balls that look like rocks, rope bracelets, and carabiners with compasses on the end. None of this is definite…I’m still scoping out ideas, so feel free to send yours over.

Oh, and be sure to check out the He Wrote, She Wrote blog. Bob Mayer and Jenny Crusie have turned it into a writing workshop blog, so it should be very good reading.

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  1. Angela/SciFiChick

    Bob Mayer is one of my favorite authors.. I wish he’d continue his Area 51 series.

  2. Those compass carabiners are COOL! Indoor rock climbing is one of my favorite things ever…well, after lip gloss and a whole list of girly things. Anyway, your son and his friends will love them :)

  3. Finding time is my biggest challenge. But I look at any progress (even only a few hundred words) as movement in the right direction.

  4. I love those compasess.

    When I did my resolutions, I said I’d write at least 5 times a week, because sometimes life just gets in the way. And I’m also reviewing monthly and revising if necessary. That way, if I don’t manage to do something, despite my efforts I don’t just pack up altogether.

  5. A rock climbing birthday party? That’s fun – I’m planning a pirate one for my to-be-five-year old this month, which seems MUCH easier.
    Are you going to write the invivations on actual ROCKS? Do tell!

  6. I haven’t written as much as I would have liked either.

    Rock climbing party? That must make you the coolest mom ever.

    That blog looks like it’ll be very informative. Thanks for the link!

  7. Amanda Brice

    Those looks cool!

    Thanks for the heads up about the Cruise Mayer blog.

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