Birthday Boy #2

Today is a little sentimental for me…my youngest son is turning five. Even though he seems to be growing up fast, this is a definite milestone. In the fall he’ll be going to kindergarten…he’s gone from toddler to big boy really, really quick. Admittedly it didn’t seem quick at the time…

Today is just a fun day for him (sort of). I had planned to go get new tires put on the car, but he told me a perfect birthday would be a day without errands, so we’re not going. The bad news is we’re going to the doctor’s office this afternoon for physicals. How could I, you ask? Particularly as there will almost certainly be chicken pox shots for both my boys. It’s a long story, but we’ll try to get past it with Sonic milkshakes afterwards. Then later they’ll be presents and cake: chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, so I think it’ll turn out okay.

Birthday boy wanted to sit on my lap today to watch a movie, so maybe he’ll still be my baby for a little while yet.

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  1. Shots on his birthday? Poor kid. Of course, it’s better than getting chicken pox on his birthday.

    So, your kids’ birthdays are about a week or so apart? That’s a lot of cake in January.

  2. alisonwonderland

    my “baby” will be 8 in april, and he still likes to sit on my lap, so there’s hope!

  3. Amanda Brice

    Ah, poor kid, having to get shots on his birthday.

    But happy birthday to your big boy!

  4. That’s so funny how fast it seems in restrospect and how slow it is at the time!
    Happy birthday!

  5. Make the most of them…. blink and you miss their childhood, all of a sudden they’re grown up and know best!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son. Time goes way to fast.

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