Whew! and Yum!

Well. That half day I was going to have to write? The one that was working around an event at my son’s school? Well, that one is no more. My husband decided this morning that we needed to ‘tidy up a bit’, just in case a friend of ours might possibly want to stop by for a visit while in the area. So I spent my whole morning ‘tidying up’ the colossal mess that was our house since the return of our trip. Yes, yes, I’d been working on it–not fast enough apparently, and yes, yes, I needed to get it done before this weekend, when my husband had agreed to drag our Christmas decorations down from the attic. But I didn’t need to have a whirlwind cleaning spree on my ‘day off’. Still…it does look much better.

Technically it’s not all done. I’m resting, drained after all the non-stop tidying. So, having not eaten breakfast, I poured myself a glass of milk and grabbed the little breakfast bar that Old Navy was giving out on Black Friday. Has anyone else had this nasty little snack??? Because it’s delicious!! It’s called a ‘Flapjack & Maple Syrup Short Stack Breakfast Snack Granola Bar’ with walnuts, and it’s simply scrumptious. I would immediately go out and buy up a box if I knew where to get them. The wrapper simply says ‘Season’s Eatings from Old Navy and Cereality’.

Wait! In my search for a picture, I found this. They’re selling a similar bar…wonder if it’s the same…for not a bad deal. I wonder what the shipping is. Will research and put off final cleaning a bit longer.

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  1. Sounds like a just reward after all that tidying…good work!

  2. That always happens to me – I plan to write but then I start doing a little bit of housework and it turns into a daylong affair. That’s why I need to hire a housekeeper. :-)

  3. Catherine Avril Morris

    Argh, don’t you *hate* how the extra time you think you’ll have just…disappears? That’s been happening to me lately. Well, for like 2 months, actually. Heh. Hope you get that free afternoon soon.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    Just realized I typed ‘nasty’ instead of ‘tasty’. Whoops!

  5. Sounds yummy!
    I do the same thing I start to clean and then something reminds me of something else and I work on that. lol

  6. I’m not a big fan of the granola bar but that one sounds tasty… I wonder if Canadian Old Navy’s are handing out treats, too?

  7. Amanda Brice

    I HATE tidying. It’s evil. I also have a tendency to just shove stuff in our bedroom, so it LOOKS neat, but it’s really just a disaster.

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