Vacation is Over, People. Way Over.

Well, I’m back from a week long stint in Charleston, South Carolina, visiting my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces. After we got over the drive straight through, and I slogged through the first few days with a sinus headache, we really had a good time…and then we pulled another all-day drive back home. And now I’m absolutely swamped with things to do.

I tried to keep up with my blog a little over the vacation, but I haven’t worked on my WIP in what seems like forever. I’m really going to have to crack down if I’m going to even come close to making a stab at trying to finish up by the end of the year…or even by February when one of the RWA chapters I belong to will be hosting agents who’ll be taking appointments. (I have plenty of time to worry about how I’ll deal with that frightening aspect of writing life later).

And of course, now I have all those other little projects associated with the holidays to occupy my time as well…holiday parties, teacher gifts, holiday baking, shopping, gift-wrapping, decorating, and on and on. I’ll be lucky if I can squeeze out every last one of my Mother’s-Day-Out writing days before my little one gets out for Christmas break. I have exactly six of them left, and one is already at least partially taken up in a project at my older son’s school. Blogs may well be short and sweet from here on out…

Before I sign off (so much still to unpack…), look at this gorgeous cover from the very sweet and busyDeborah MacGillivray. Her debut novel, A Restless Knight has gotten rave reviews. This one though is so delicious looking…it makes me think of peppermints. It’s also a contemporary, which I’m reading more of these days. It’s in my current Amazon order. One more thing to distract me from my WIP…

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  1. Amanda Brice

    Glad you had a nice vacation!

    I can’t believe it’s almost time to think about Christmas again. Where did this year go?

  2. Welcome back!
    Hang in there with the to-do list – things tend to get done!!! :)

  3. That is a pretty book cover, and I don’t even like pink much.

    How far are you on your WIP? Maybe you just need to be realistic about what you can do during the holiday season and then work on it with full energy in January when everyone is so full of resolutions and good intentions.

  4. Welcome back. Hey, what are these Mothers-Day-Outs you’re talking about????? Sounds like something I could do with.

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    I agree, Amanda, this year really did seem to fly by!

    Stacy, I’m through my first draft, almost 100% through with my plot board, and now thinking about all the little changes I want to make and feeling overwhelmed. But with dedicated writing time, I don’t think I’m too, too far…at least I’m hoping not.

    Sara, Mother’s Day Out is like mini-daycare for stay-at-home moms. A couple of days a week (two for my son), the kids head off for a little play day out (generally they’re church-sponsored), doing crafts, songs, and other stuff while Mom gets a break. I’m SOOOO glad I stumbled over it when I did.

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