Are you ready, boots?

Today was the day I went shopping for knee-high black boots. I’ve never had any before but kinda wanted them last year and really think I should have some this year since I have several new things that would work really well with that type of boot.

I was hoping to find something at Macy’s, since I have a $10 gift card they sent me in the mail and they’re always having sales, but I couldn’t find anything. So, with trepidation, I headed down to Dillard’s. Dillard’s shoe department is twice the size of Macy’s and is always filled with cute little shoes I tell myself I’ll buy when they go on sale. .
Dillard’s very rarely has sales, so my shoe collection leaves a little bit to be desired. I did find some I liked–a couple of pairs actually–by Michelle D. I tried on the hipper of the two and it was uncomfortably tight across the toes and higher up, even in the wide size. So I tried the other, more casual of the two and it fit pretty well, although I think the tightness around the calves will take some getting used to.

Then I saw this cute little shiny navy patent ballet flat and sent my little one over to get it (not wanting to be seen walking around in capri pants and charcoal grey socks)…and he leaned on the table, upended it, and sent everything in all directions. He was very embarrassed. Well I got the boots and we left. I’ll get those little ballet flats when they go on sale. But then I thought, maybe I’ll just stop by DSW and see if I can find a bargain. .
If I do, I can just take back the hard-won boots from Dillard’s. So we breeze through, and just a few boots shy of stepping out the door, I find another pair I like–same price–less stylish perhaps, but more comfortable still. So I bought them too. And now I have to decide which one to keep or whether to take them both back and call the day a wash. What do you think?

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  1. I have a fashion disability so I can’t be of help here but I hope it all works out in the end. :o)

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    I can totaly relate, Lucy. I have one myself (if that was not obvious in this post).

  3. I kind of like the first pair better, but they’re both good. Knee-high black boots are the BEST! I love wearing mine. They make every outfit look just a little sassier.

  4. I’m a bag gal myself. Your little guy was very brave, shoe shopping can be dangerous.

  5. I love MY high black boots, and feel a little bit naughty in ’em. My favorite is the first pair!

  6. My favorite is the first pair as well. I love the detail on the sides.

    Though the most important thing is this: is there a big difference in comfortability between the two? If the second pair is much more comfortable, you’re going to want to wear them more often and then you’ll get good use out of them.

    While hip is great, comfort is much better!

  7. I love tall black boots. I got my first pair in the mid-nineties when they were just starting to come back into style. It’s hard to find the perfect fit, but it’s worth it. I hope you enjoy yours!

    (Like swishy, I like the first pair best.)

  8. I LOVE the boots. I love this time of year so I have an excuse to wear mine.

    And I agree, the first pair are my favorite.

  9. Catherine Avril Morris

    Weird, I thought I commented here earlier today, but must not’ve. Well, anyway, I commented to say–I loooove the first ones! The ones with the buckles! Yeah!!!

  10. I’m for the first pair too…. very similar to ones I’ve just bought in brown.

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