Aimless Wanderings

I’m back in the saddle today, but there were a great many distractions. An almost absurd number of them. My sons have a search and find Christmas book with over 200 things to find, and we’ve never found all of them, despite exhaustive efforts, so today I actually made up a spreadsheet to sort things out during an upcoming car trip. Then there were a few Christmas gift ideas I needed to check on (this is how I work), email to get through, visits to blogs I’d been neglecting…you get the picture. Then I had to process an Amazon Advantage order for U.P. (the life of a self-publisher) and so on and so forth. Then I got an email from a guy friend giving me all the juicy details–well maybe not all of them–from the evening he proposed. Very conducive to romantic thinking…

So then, I got right on it. Brainstorming, researching, plot-boarding. But now my time is once again up.

I did, however, find these great scrapbooking papers from Basic Grey while I was searching for digital design elements to use for the redesign of my website. I’m trying to think of something creative and yet not time-consuming, or design or labor intensive to do with them. Thoughts?

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  1. I am the most uncreative arty person in the whole world – I can’t even draw a straight line, or cut straight! As for thinking of something to do with your papers…..

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