Ugh! And double Ugh!

What a weekend–I feel unrefreshed and a little nauseous. Friday, after my oldest woke up wheezing, I gave him a couple of breathing treatments (which are a rare occurence in my house) and took him to the doctor. She told me to continue the treatments through the weekend and just have him rest. She wasn’t too concerned because he seemed to have no other symptoms besides coughing. So late, late, late Friday night, my youngest woke up coughing and wheezing and we had to do a couple of breathing treatments on him. After that he got steadily worse (and so did I). He had high fever Sat. and Sun., with coughing, lethargy, and no appetite. I, on the other hand, was also lethargic from being up half the night and then Sunday I got a rip-roaring headache that would just not go away. I feel it lurking even now, so I’m trying not to move too suddenly or look into any bright light.

So this afternoon I need to take the little one to the doctor. He’s much better and his fever is down, but he’s still not eating anything. And if I don’t take him, he’s bound to be up with another 102 degree fever in the middle of the night again…

My goals for the weekend had been to finish Rumble on the Bayou by Jana Deleon, which I did, and let me tell you it was one of the only highpoints of my weekend…and to finish writing the last couple of scenes on my WIP. That was not acomplished. I could barely bring myself to sit up straight in the chair, let alone push out anything wonderful. And this week probably won’t be much better, as the little one will likely be home and needy for the next few days. It’s a chance for more reading, I guess…

Hope your weekend was better…

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  1. Amanda Brice

    So sorry about your child! Get better!

    I need to read Rumble on the Bayou. It looks really good!

  2. Sorry to hear that your son was sick (and you too from the sounds of it). I hope you’re all feeling better this week and that you have the chance to celebrate finishing your WIP soon!

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