Friday Update

I’m very excited! I’m being interviewed for a Virtual Cocktail Hour next Friday (Nov 3) by the fabulous Tasha Alexander at her group blog The Good Girls Kill For Money Club. Readers of the blog send in the questions, which she then forwards to me for answers, and I’m supposed to provide a cocktail recipe and a few questions for readers…

So…if you have a thought-provoking, intelligent question to ask me, please send it on to Tasha. Send your quirky, embarrassing ones too.

In other news, the cocooned caterpillar, mentioned in a recent, previous post, has still not emerged, so we’re watching him closely. And I just happened to notice a note my son had written lying on the desk in his room. It’s to a girl in his class, asking if she’ll be his girlfriend (please), and it is very sweet. I probably shouldn’t have read it, but it was out there big as life, and I’m a sucker for a romance…

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  1. Omigosh, that is so sweet. Please keep us posted about your son AND the catapillar! (big stuff going on in your house!)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the debs. I like your site too!

  3. CUTE!! He’d probably be mortified if he knew you saw it, but how cute is that?!?

  4. Awwwww that is so sweet.

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