Counting Down

It’s DAY 12 of my Coke-free existence. I did have a couple of false starts at the beginning, but I’m still calling it DAY 12. If we must be accurate, it’s more like DAY 7 or 8. But who’s counting?

It’s also been more than a month now that I’ve been working (almost) everyday on my work-in-progress. Sure there have been a few weekend days there were missed, and even I think one afternoon, but mostly I’ve totally hunkered down. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, but it feels good to make that little bit of progress everyday. And it really is getting to feel more and more like a very ‘little bit’. With my little one not yet in school, and my older one in school and wanting to play on the playground after school, then the homework or reading time when he gets home, the time I have to write before making dinner is just not enough. I’ve been supplementing with after dinner time, but I’m thinking my husband is feeling slighted, so that’s going to have to stop.

Since I’m addicted to countdowns, I’ll start another one. My little one starts school September 7. So 14 DAYS left till I have a five hour block of time to myself!

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  1. Five hour block of time…. you won’t know what to do with yourself!!!

    WTG on the coke thing.

  2. Amanda Brice

    Good luck with the coke thing. :)

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Thank you! I’m holding steady, but it seems like it’s getting harder. Maybe just because I have a headache…

  4. Emma_Sanders

    The headache could be the caffeine withdrawal, which makes it so hard! Good luck, you can do it!

  5. Tempest Knight

    What? Giving up Coca-Cola? Oh why? I can’t imagine my life without it. Of course, I was more addicted to the Vanilla Coke. *wg*

    Congrats on the progress you’re doing with your WIP! Take it easy and you’ll get there. :)

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