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I found this Wild Mind blog several weeks ago, and (because she’s a little spotty about her posts) finally checked back today. In her latest post, she writes about not really knowing anything about press releases and subsequently reading up. While I was attempting to write a press release for my first book, I was searching for any little bit of information that would spark the media’s attention. I wrote several varieties, all touting different aspects of my life or the book. Evidently I wasn’t very successful–to my knowledge my book was mentioned only in one paper of rather limited distribution.

My next book is contemporary and set in Texas, so maybe the local angle will help a little (since I was born here and live here still). But just in case it doesn’t, I have another plan… In her latest blog, Wild Mind talks about a free 89 tip tutorial for writing press releases, given by Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound. After reading the promo, I signed up….I should be receiving my first tip shortly. I also plan to surf back over and read some of her other articles. I can use all the help I can get…

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