Girl’s Night Out

Last night I had an honest-to-goodness Girl’s Night Out! I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had one–at least since high school. That sounds pretty pathetic, but my college friends were mostly guys (ditto for my work friends), and I married my high school sweetheart. So…last night was a first and very interesting. It was just four of us, all married and each with two little boys–funny how it worked out like that, but I think moms with boys (plural) need that ‘off’ time more than moms who don’t. Just an opinion…

Anyway, we went for dinner and to catch up and talk. Conversation ran the gamut of extramarital affairs (none of us!), internet dating (ditto), child delivery tramas, our husbands (of course), vacations and future plans.

I was shocked to discover that all three of them were considering having another baby. They all wanted to try for a girl (even though, of course, they would love a boy). I was the only hold-out. I figure I have enough to deal with two rowdy, rambunctious boys, and fate would probably deal me another, leading to deeper, more prevalent forehead wrinkles, and many more premature gray hairs. Oddly enough, all three of them told me that they felt sure, certain, that if I tried again, I’d have a girl.

Based on what?! That just sounded totally ridiculous to me.

Anyway, when I got home, I was telling my husband a bit about the evening (a discussion of elephants, pole-dancing, carbohydrates after 3pm…), and I mentioned how they all wanted to try for a another baby. I told him that sounded like a great idea for a book–four women get together for a GNO, three decide to try for another baby, and the fourth gets pregnant. I thought the friendship dynamic would be great. He says, “I don’t like this idea at all.” No creative vision, I tell you.

And if I’d gone to the Conference, I would have missed all that…

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  1. I LOVE girls nights out. I LOVE girly writing weekends too.

    Your idea for a story made me laugh. So many avenues to explore with that one.

    And btw, two children is a perfect number…. mine are 21 months apart and it wasn’t easy. The thought of a third….. no thanks!

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    Girly writing weekends? What are those?

    My boys are twenty four months, one week apart. And it still isn’t easy…

  3. Girly writing weekends….. such fun.

    There are 5 of us in NZ, we met through RWNZ and all belong to the Wellington chapter (I now live 3 hours drive away, but still try attend). We go away once a year (we’ve been twice now!!) for a weekend where we chat, gossip, drink, gossip, eat, gossip, drink, go out for meals/walks, and discuss writing – plot ideas or anything we’re stuck on.

    It’s great. And the age gap between oldest and youngest is 20 years, but it doesn’t matter at all. There’s a special bond between writers.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    That does sound totally fun!

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