The Sisterhood

Just finished reading Ann Brashares’ The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I loved it! It was such a fun read, so magical and intelligent…and so addictive. And it was a debut, no less! I have a special little interest in debuts. Of course I can claim the connection that have a recent one myself, but as a reader, I love coming upon new discoveries. I feel like a founding member of the fan club, in charge of membership.

When the book is finished, there is always the immediate let-down that there aren’t any more to read yet and then the great anticipation of waiting for the next one and savoring each and every word. But while finding a new author gives me a little moment of giddy excitement and hours of private enjoyment in the reading of her work, I’m never stingy with my good fortune. I want to tell everyone and encourage each and every one of them to buy the book and read it. A good author can change your life–for just a few hours or maybe even for forever–so holding on to the good ones is important. And finding a new one is full of promise.

Now I just need to get my hands on The Second Summer of the Sisterhood and find out what happens to those girls…

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